Moving Checklist

At Wilson Removals & Storage, one of the leading Southampton removal companies, we know all about the enormous stresses and traumas of moving house. Not only are you leaving one cherished home behind, one that’s full of brilliant memories and where you’ve truly enjoyed living, but you’ve got to pack up and take all your worldly possessions with you.

It’s no wonder it’s among the great upheavals of life, and that’s why we’ve prepared this special moving house checklist just for you, to help you smooth the entire process and have you settled in your new home, with all your beloved belongings, in no time.

1. Get sorted

We know you know you’ve got lots – tons – of stuff in your house that you just don’t need. Why cart it all off and clog up your new home? Before you do anything, adopt a hard-line approach and go through each room in your house, including the attic, and identify what you can do without. Never mind the sentimental value – if you can live without it, get rid of it. Only the best and most essential is making the moving trip to your new home.

2. The X-file

Is everything from your current house going to end up in the moving van and in your new property? Don’t just hope, or leave it to plan; create a file, on a tablet computer or on paper, which you can access at will – and list all the items you’re taking with you. Tick them off as they’re offloaded at your new home.

3. A valuable lesson

Some of the items you’ll be moving will undoubtedly be more expensive than others – jewellery, for example – and you’ll need to ensure special care and attention is given to them. Decide if it’s best to take them in your car to your new home or, if the removals firm is transporting them, if special packaging is required to ensure their safety and security.

4. Don’t be at a loose end

It’s time to say goodbye, but before you do, make sure all the loose ends are tied up. That means notifying the post office so that any future post to your old home will be sent to your new one, and telling all your friends and family that you’re on your way to a spanking, great new house – and that they may be invited to the housewarming party!

If you’re looking for a company that’s highly experienced in Southampton removals and beyond, you’ve just found one. Give us a call today and we’ll have you moved in a flash, and with the minimum of fuss. Plus, it won’t cost you the earth. In the meantime, print off this handy home moving checklist to help you along the way.